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Waterproof Floor Installer Idaho Falls

Every room in your home, at one point or another, can be subjected to water spills, leaks, or flooding. These issues are also not necessarily confined to water prone areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom, and water can cause significant damage to your floors. Your home sees so much wear on a daily basis, and will likely endure wear like dirt, grime, and scratches, with also the possibility of water damage. So when you are in the market for new floors, you may be looking for something more advantageous and versatile.

Waterproof flooring can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that it can handle any of life’s messes. Aside from being able to stand up against water by being 100% waterproof, these floors are made with effective durability to provide protection from the wear and tear that many floors see. The waterproof floor installers in Idaho Falls at Expert Floors understand how these floors can change the level of protection you are providing for your home, and doing that while being stylish, versatile, and affordable.
Waterproof Floor Installer in Idaho Falls, ID from Expert Floors

The construction of waterproof flooring

The materials that are used to make waterproof flooring create a modern and upgraded look, realistic design, and have an increase in effective functionality compared to the original standard laminate flooring. There are four layers that create this transformational flooring that make it ideal for any living space by giving you the style you are desiring with all the perks of being waterproof. This innovative design has changed the game when it comes to laminate and vinyl flooring and our Idaho Falls installers will ensure that it gets installed into your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Backing layer

Multiple layers are used in the structure of this cutting-edge flooring. The support and strength of these planks comes from the backing layer, which is the very bottom layer. It provides the utmost protection and stability and helps to protect the flooring from water that could come up beneath it. This design enables each individual piece to be waterproof from not only above ground, but from below ground as well.

Core layer

Middle layers for waterproof flooring need to be durable and compact, which makes the compressed fiberboard the best choice in being able to withstand the effects of water. The resin that makes up the high-density fiberboard blocks water from penetrating and allows the planks to remain intact instead of swelling with the water. This hardy layer is the key to ensuring the whole of the plank remains waterproof.


Patterns and prints come in all different styles and designs. Committing to waterproof flooring does not mean you need to compromise on the look of your floors at all. This next layer is where your high-quality image will be. This realistic picture will give your flooring the texture and style that will truly upgrade your home. Whether you are looking for wood, stone or tile designs, our waterproof flooring is here to be incredibly functional while giving the appearance of any high-end flooring you can think of.

Wear layer

Every good flooring plank needs a sustainable top layer - the wear layer. This waterproof protective layer aids in dealing with the daily wear and tear your flooring may endure. From staining to scratching, this outer layer is resistant to wear as well as providing a waterproof shield to block water from penetrating the flooring planks from above. This helps to prevent water from soaking down through the boards and causing damage to your flooring.

Advantages of waterproof flooring

This style of flooring adds many advantages to your home or work spaces and can be a great addition to any room! They can be extremely beneficial to the rooms that might receive more water damage than most, such as your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, but will give you the peace of mind in any room as they could be hit unexpectedly with water at any time as well.

Limits moisture problems: From spills to high humidity, moisture can wreak havoc on your flooring causing problems like swelling floors, warping, and mildew or mold buildup. Resistant waterproof flooring does not absorb this water which protects your home from any number of these moisture problems.
Easy to maintain: This flooring is not only resistant to water, but is resistant to dirt, grime and scratches as well. The repelling material allows for easy maintenance and clean up when it comes to spills or dirt while keeping the high-quality integrity of the floors intact.
Long-lasting: With appropriate maintenance and simple cleaning, like sweeping and mopping, these floors can easily last you over twenty years, making this investment worthwhile.
Seamless design style: Clear and vibrant colors, textures and designs that this flooring has to offer will fit right in with any design style of your choice. That makes this flooring ideal for any room as it can match the style and tone of your home.
Affordable: This alternative option to hardwood floors will prove to be a more efficient way to floor your home, as well as being more cost-effective, affordable, and less maintenance in the long run.

Installation information and tips

Our skilled Idaho Falls waterproof floor installers can keep your home protected and looking fresh with these innovative flooring solutions. Our installation process for waterproof flooring can include floating over your level subfloor so that there is no need for nails and glue. These planks fit together seamlessly to allow for a full and complete installation while providing the best waterproof protection to your home. After installation, be sure to regularly care for your flooring by sweeping and mopping and avoiding waxing as it can dull the integrity of your floors.

Expert Floors Idaho Falls installers

If you are looking for skilled and efficient flooring experts in the Idaho Falls or surrounding areas, be sure to contact us today at Expert Floors! We know that these waterproof floors have the potential to add value and protection to your home and can change the way you live your life. To learn more about how you can have these transformative floors installed, be sure to visit our website or give us a call today!