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Hardwood floor refinishing


Make your hardwood flooring like new

With decades of experience, our hardwood floor refinishing will restore your oak, cherry, maple, hickory, etc., floors to original luster. One of the great benefits of wood floors is minimal or no replacement costs because they last for decades, sometimes even up to 100 years. At some point, however, you may feel they look worn, dull, and scratched, and the professional team at Expert Floors will make them look brand new.

Sanding, refinishing, and resurfacing

People sometimes use these words interchangeably, but that's not quite right. Refinishing refers to sanding floors to removing a layer of wood, past where the scratches occur, and then applying fresh stain and lacquer. We know sanding can create a lot of dust and, to minimize it as much as possible, we place plastic around areas not being done, and we use a sander with a containment section and vacuum. That traps about 99% of dust, but please be realistic, as it can't catch everything.

Not all refinishing will need sanding. In many cases, scratches are in the veneer and not the wood itself and require a polishing and new stain with no sanding required. This is called simple hardwood refinishing. Resurfacing is more involved and may require removing old boards or leveling and reinforcing them.



We're here to help

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Treating our customers like teammates

We treat your home as if it were our own, and we believe in going above and beyond. We also feel that the most successful result comes from collaboration, so we want our customers to talk and ask questions, and we'll respond. One of our reviews said one of our experts “was very communicative as I had more questions after I left.”

We'll also tell you about drying and curing times, as well as when you can move furniture back into the room. Then we'll let you know what to expect; even though we cover with plastic, you still might find dust on window sills, molding and baseboards, chair rails, on top of doors, and even on walls. Dust thoroughly, especially if you are planning to paint.

Trust our Idaho Falls hardwood refinishing services

Full transparency, superior customer service and competitive pricing are the cornerstones of our business model. To learn more about our inventory or any of our services including hardwood floor refinishing, and lifetime warranties, visit the Expert Floors showroom in Idaho Falls, ID. We service areas in and around Idaho Falls, ID, New Sweden, ID, Ammon, ID, Orvin, ID, Lincoln, ID, Cotton, ID, Beachs Corner, ID, Iona, ID, Payne, ID and Woodville, ID. We would be happy to give you're a free hardwood floor refinishing quote.