The advantages of hardwood flooring

Style alone is enough to make you want it in your home, adding elegance, charm, and even some warmth to any area. Hardwood flooring is classic, never goes out of style, adds value to a property, and lasts for years, sometimes up to 100. There are hundreds of species from which to choose, with white oak flooring being considered a staple of the flooring industry, with a hard, durable, and versatile reputation. If you're considering installing wood floors in your home, here are some advantages.

It's an excellent long term investment

Nothing adds as much value to a home as wood flooring, and you will see this in two ways. First, you'll recoup around 80% of the cost, as reflected in your home value. Second, we're told by real associates that buyers will often pay more for a home with wood floors, and those homes sell faster because of the wide-spread visual appeal.

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They look good in any decor

These floors work with all decorating styles, from traditional to modern, California coastal, cottage, etc. There are hundreds of species, including both domestics (harvested within North America) and exotics (harvested in South America, Indonesia, Africa, etc. The most popular species are oak (both white and red), hickory, ash, maple, and walnut, and they can be sanded and stained to suit the home owner's taste if your style changes; just sand and stain them another color.

Easy to care for

All these floors need is regular sweeping or vacuuming with periodic polishing. Wood can be damaged by excess water, so wipe spills immediately and strategically place foot mats. Employ some standard everyday guidelines such as using protective furniture pads to avoid scratches and keeping pet nails trimmed.
Hardwood flooring in Idaho Falls, ID from Expert Floors

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Wood flooring is one of the most earth-friendly products, requiring less energy, fewer raw materials, and no toxic chemicals to produce. It's also 100% recyclable. Oak is considered the most sustainable wood product because it has a smaller carbon footprint and because U.S. Forest Management protections ensure that the oak tree is regularly replanted.

Hardwood flooring is installed with a traditional tongue and groove/nail down procedure that requires much skill. At Expert Floors you can be sure of a quality installation, whether it’s a more complicated tongue and groove or something simple like a floating floor. Our showroom is in Idaho Falls, ID and our services range from free estimates to hardwood sanding and finishing. Visit us, especially if you live in or nearIdaho Falls, ID, New Sweden, ID, Ammon, ID, Orvin, ID, Lincoln, ID, Cotton, ID, Beachs Corner, ID, Iona, ID, Payne, ID and Woodville, ID.