The importance of acclimating your new hardwood flooring

The importance of acclimating your new hardwood flooring

This is a simple yet critical part of the wood flooring installation process. This helps to align the wood’s moisture with that of your home.

What is acclimation?

This is a pre-installation process where you leave opened boxes in the room in which it's to be installed. You could also take the planks out of the box and place them side-by-side on the floor if you have space.

The room should be climate controlled without excessive air conditioning or heat. Please speak in detail with the experts at our hardwood flooring company for specific directions.

Why is acclimation so important?

Keep in mind that the wood was probably harvested in another location. That climate could be vastly different from that of your home.

Wood takes moisture from its environment. If the humidity is excessive, it will expand; alternatively, it will shrink if the air is too dry.

That creates cupping, crowning, warping, and gaps. Installers say moisture issues usually cause all damage.

Why should engineered wood floors be acclimated?

Engineered floors are more stable and can handle water better. However, unlike solid hardwood flooring, these surfaces are installed via the floating floor technique.

When the pieces click, mat and then hiver over the subfloor without adhesives or nails. Even the slightest movement can throw the floor off balance.

We will never take any chances with your installation! Protect your investment.

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