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Tile floor installer Idaho Falls


Tile floor installer Idaho Falls

With all the diverse materials that could be chosen to floor your home, tile floors have withstood the test of time by being an effective flooring style that has stuck around for years. Tile floors can offer a low-maintenance and durable substance flooring option for the high traffic and water prone areas, while also providing unique styles to be able to optimize any room in your home. The customization abilities of tile flooring make it a versatile choice with the many different shapes and styles that it comes in. To achieve the desired look for the floors in your home, tile floor installers will work to make your flooring dreams come true. The skilled tile floor installers at Expert Floors in Idaho Falls will see your entire tile floor installation process through from start to finish. From the prep work to the final and finished product, our installers will ensure that you are getting the highest quality of materials and the best service around for your floors!

Responsibilities of a tile installer

When dealing with the complex processes of redoing and laying flooring, you will want the best and most qualified tile installers seeing this process through until the end. Leaving your flooring in the capable hands of our installers at Expert Floors means that you can be confident in receiving floors that will meet your needs and be long lasting. Tile installers are also known as tile setters and their priorities consist of three main responsibilities:

  • Measuring the floors and tile pieces
  • Cutting the tile to appropriate lengths and sizes
  • Installing the tile flooring

Preparation work

While these are the primary responsibilities, there is a lot more that goes into securing the tile floors you want. Using various hand and power tools, our installer works through the processes of removing your previous flooring, making sure the area is clean, shaping the tiles, and leveling the floor surface. These responsibilities all act as a part of the preparation before the actual installation.

Installation process

The actual installation process consists of physically laying out the measured tile and securing it with mortar, applying the grout, adding the proper number of spacers, and ensuring that there is a clean, smooth, and fully covered surface as the end result. Floor installation also requires various other construction duties as well. Our installers are familiar with working with all sorts of materials like ceramic, concrete, granite, and marble.

Communication with clients

It is vitally important that our installers are in communication with our clients. We want these floors to turn out exactly the way you want them. Our communication skills are utilized to ensure that you are satisfied with the work we have done. We know how important it is to get the job done right the first time and we will do our best to make your flooring dreams a reality.

Tile - A great choice for your floors

There are quite a few advantages to choosing tile flooring for your home. Tile floors are not only functional, but they can also be extremely stylish as well and this type of material can make both of these aspects possible for your space. Porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles are all examples of tile materials that can be used in high-traffic areas of your home. There are endless styles and different kinds of tile that are out to fit any of your specific needs and wants. From their simple maintenance to their endless customizable abilities, tile flooring is a great choice for many different rooms that you may be considering new floors.

Endless designs

A unique aspect of tile flooring is their completely customizable and endless design capabilities. Floor tiles are composed of all different shapes, styles, and sizes which can make their different pattern combinations limitless. Whether you want your tiles to be all the same color for a sleek look, or you want to mix it up with a unique and personalized pattern, these tiles are here to create whatever look you want to achieve.

Resistant and durable

Tiles are made up of strong and durable materials, which makes them an ideal for a flooring option that you want to last a while. They are very resistant to normal wear and tear and can have a much longer lifespan than that of carpet and other softer materials. On the off chance that one of your tiles actually breaks, they are very easy to replace - as you only have to pull out and replace that one tile.

Convenient to clean

This type of flooring is an ideal choice for areas that may be more prone to dirt and water because of how convenient it is to clean. Spaces like mudrooms, entry ways, laundry rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms are more susceptible to becoming dirty and having water on the floors. Tiles are resistant to water, and they do not get damaged when exposed to it. When these floor spaces inevitably become dirty, their easy to clean surfaces make it a convenient choice to keep your home clean.
Tile floor installer Idaho Falls in New Sweden, ID from Expert Floors

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Aside from these amazing benefits, it can be difficult to make sure you are picking out the right kind of flooring for your home. If you are looking for a durable option with the opportunity to creatively design your floor pattern, then tile flooring is for you. Tiles can match any decorating style and will be a major asset to the living spaces in your home. Tiling your floors is something you want to make sure you do right so that you achieve your desired look at the highest quality. The tile floor installers at Expert Floors offer a high level of training and an eye for detail and quality when it comes to creating the perfect tile floors for you. To learn more about getting tile floors installed in your home, be sure to contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions you have and give you an estimate on your flooring needs.