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Vinyl flooring is a modern and convenient option that has grown in popularity over the years. With its easy to clean surfaces and chic look, it can be a great option for your living or working environment. Standard vinyl flooring offers you a neat appearance and simple cleaning, but if you are looking for something more durable and higher quality, luxury vinyl flooring may be just what you need to upgrade your spaces.

While both of these flooring options share the name of vinyl flooring, they are actually constructed and installed in two different ways. Unlike large sheets of vinyl that are used in standard vinyl flooring, the Expert Floors luxury vinyl floor installers in Idaho Falls take durable and thick planks of luxury vinyl to piece together into one seamless stretch of flooring. With all of the different available styles and protective layers that make up this quality material, luxury vinyl can transform your floors and have the ability to last for years to come.
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Installation services

Wood, tile, stone, marble, and various other designs is what luxury vinyl flooring can take on the appearance of in your home. These thicker planks of vinyl are embedded with quality imagining to recreate your desired flooring look at an affordable price. After choosing from our large selection of luxury vinyl, our Idaho Falls installers will provide a number of professional services to ensure a flawless flooring installation process, great communication, and customer satisfaction.

Measurements: Prior to the actual installation, our technicians will take precise measurements and record corner angles to ensure that they are bringing the proper amount of paneling for your unique space.
Inspection: Expert Floors will also inspect your previous flooring for any significant damage that will need to be addressed before creating your new floor. This includes inspecting the walls and baseboards as well.
Preparation: Having your existing floors clean and smooth is an essential part of having your new flooring installed properly. Our technicians will make sure that the floors are prepared and ready for the new luxury vinyl layers.
Installation: After all the prior services have been completed, your new flooring will be pieced together and installed with the proper adhesion.
Cleaning up: We will ensure that the job site is put together and cleaned up so that your space will be ready to use as soon as we are finished!

Benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

When you cannot have real hardwood floors throughout your home or work space, it can be because they can be expensive, difficult to maintain, and non-versatile. Unlike hardwood floor panels, luxury vinyl can give you the same look as hardwood floors while being placed wherever you might them. When you are wanting the hardwood effect for your moist spaces, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, you can have that and more with luxury vinyl flooring. This realistic style of flooring offers many benefits that will upgrade the look and quality of your home.

Convenience of care

Much like the standard vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl offers you no limitations on where it can be placed because of how it can be cared for. This flooring makes cleaning it a breeze and is also resistant towards everyday wear and tear and damage. Luxury vinyl is the epitome of functional flooring as it does not scratch easily and is able to withstand places with high humidity as well.


The several layer design of this flooring makes it incredibly durable and easy to maintain, even in a children or pet environment. To add to its durability, the top layer is a clear sheet that is used to further protect the flooring, especially in high traffic areas.


From the top layer to the bottom layer, every layer that makes up the luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. That makes this flooring an ideal choice for those water-prone areas but will also help to protect from your everyday spills or even flooding issues. Even with its incredible waterproof features, it still provides a classy and stylish look in your home.


3D photography is used to create the highest quality of images used in this vinyl. It is designed to mimic the most popular and traditional types of flooring while adding all the benefits of modern convenience. The vibrant imaging adds the look of intense texture and micro level details to look identical to wood, tile, concrete, weathered, matt, or gloss textures and styles. We have over 200 styles, designs, and image textures to fit any of your preferences.


Unlike the actual stone or wood materials used for flooring, luxury vinyl provides you with that same look while ringing in at an affordable price. Installation costs are generally cheaper than with other materials and this vinyl can be an affordable option for those looking for an expensive style without breaking the bank.

Repairing options

The lifespan of luxury vinyl flooring is that of around 25 years, compared to that of standard vinyl that typically lasts around 15 years. While this flooring is at little risk of needing repairs, our luxury vinyl floor installers Idaho Falls are happy to provide an analysis for any repairs you might be in need of. Depending on the damage, our technicians can provide you with repair options such as:
  • Smoothing out uneven flooring
  • Fix any vinyl peeling that has taken place
  • Repair stained paneling
  • Install new vinyl where previously installed vinyl had be damaged
We want your floor to look as best as possible, and we will ensure that you are satisfied with the installation process, your repair options, and your final flooring product.

About Expert Floors

At Expert Flooring, we offer 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to our quality installations and our lifetime warranties. We are your local flooring experts that you can trust to get the job done right. With all the options available, be sure to contact us when considering your flooring choices. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to transform your spaces and create the floors of your dreams with our luxury vinyl flooring options.